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Happy Engagement!!

Now the fun begins and you're excited to plan every detail of your wedding day!



You started planning your wedding and the fun celebration of your love you envisioned has

suddenly turned into a math word problem nightmare!

 Between the growing stress and the growing price tag the idea of using that money for a relaxing honeymoon or even a downpayment on a new house is looking more like the right answer.


Having a beautiful, memorable wedding experience with all the most important parts doesn't have to break the bank or you and if you think that's a  #truestatement, then we should definitely talk!  Wedding in a Box specializes in micro-wedding. We offer officiant services, pop up weddings, vow renewals and elopement adventures. Our services are available locally around Cleveland or can be booked in advance for your destination wedding.  Our simple, affordable and customizable wedding packages will take the stress and the sticker shock out of the happiest day of your life.   

We'll Deliver Your Perfect Day 

Wedding in a Box is not your typical wedding. We are non-denominational officiants and micro-wedding planners. We offer fun, customizable wedding packages that deliver a beautiful wedding experience without the stress.  You don't have to choose between exchanging your vows before traffic court or  the downpayment on your first home. Let us deliver your wedding day so you can focus on the most important part; you, your partner, and celebrating the love that you share.

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